Bridge Construction

Bridge building excellence has always been at the core of our culture, focus, and activity.

Recognized worldwide as a leader in the construction, renewal, and maintenance of suspension, cable-stayed, movable, truss, arch, and girder bridges for roadway, railway, pedestrian, and utilities, we pride ourselves on our ability to utilize in-house engineering to develop the tools, equipment, and methods for the timely and safe construction of bridge structures throughout the world.

Over the years, American Bridge has built some of the world’s most notable bridges including the Tappan Zee, Verrazzano Narrows, Mackinac, Bayonne, San Francisco-Oakland Bay East and West Spans, Angostura, 25th of April, New River Gorge, and Sunshine Skyway. Today, that tradition continues with the likes of the Queensferry Crossing in Edinburgh, Scotland which currently holds the record for the tallest bridge tower in the UK, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge in California, the Margaret McDermott (Horseshoe) Pedestrian Bridges in Texas, and the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge in New York.


From foundations to tower tops, and every part in between, American Bridge has excelled at the construction of cable-supported bridges since our earliest days. American Bridge is experienced with foundations; towers and piers; stay-cable fabrication, erection and tensioning; suspension cable erection, superstructure erection, structural health monitoring system installation, and maintenance and repair. Maintaining global relationships with suppliers of fabricated structural steel is core to our business.

We use leading technology for the engineering and erection of main cables, suspender cables, deck segments, load transfers, and compaction and wrapping of main cables. To date, American Bridge has airspun well over half a million miles of cable – far more than any other contractor.


American Bridge has constructed all types of movable bridges and other moving structures, including vertical lift, bascule, and swing spans. American Bridge self-performs mechanical equipment installation, calibration, and commissioning in addition to foundations, piers and structural construction.

Our experience covers truss float-in methods, bascule girder erection, counterweight jacking systems, counterweight suspension system installation and replacement, primary and secondary reducer procurement and installation, braking systems, drive shafts, rack and pinion alignment, span locks, pivot bearings, span balancing, and sheave installation and replacement.


American Bridge has constructed both true and tied arch bridges using aerial cableways, tieback, float-in, falsework, and jacking technologies. Over the course of our history, we’ve constructed more than 55 arch bridges, serving pedestrians, automobiles, and railroads. American Bridge has built three record-breaking arch bridges: Hell Gate Bridge in New York (longest, heaviest), the Bayonne Bridge in New York (longest), and New River Gorge in West Virginia (longest, highest).


Railroad bridges have been a part of American Bridge’s portfolio since the early 1900’s. We have played a significant role in the establishment of railroad networks in North America and internationally. The complex and special requirements of railroad construction is where American Bridge excels, understanding the importance of maintaining rail traffic, including freight, passenger/commuter, and transit/light rail. American Bridge routinely undertakes short duration closure works, emergency repairs, and machinery repairs on active rail lines.


From steel box to steel plate, and concrete box to precast beam structures, American Bridge understands how to construct complex girder bridges. We have experience with water and land based crane erection and erection by jacking, launching and skidding, in addition to foundation, pier and abutment construction.


American Bridge has experience with truss erection by balance cantilever, single pick, float-in, tie-back, launch and slide-in – using water based cranes, land based cranes, traveling gantries and jacks. American Bridge also constructs and maintains truss bridge foundations, piers, abutments and decks.


American Bridge has extensive experience constructing and maintaining pipeline and material conveyance bridges. We are also skilled at replacing suspension systems in pipelines while they remain in service, often under high pressure.

Pedestrian / Cycle / Trail

American Bridge has the ability to deliver unique structures that enable the safe movement of these modes of transportation providing vital links to trail systems and connection of communities. We have constructed suspension, cable-stay, arch, truss, girder, and movable bridges in this category.