AB Culture

It’s not just a job when you’re part of the American Bridge family. And it’s more than a career, too.

Our employees bring value every day when they arrive at the jobsite, or the office, and shape a culture we’re proud to call ours. American Bridge also knows that culture plays a large role in keeping employees motivated, happy, and excited to come to work.

What is American Bridge culture?

It’s safety, quality, integrity, passion. It’s an infatuation with innovation, and a desire to be nothing short of excellent. We love taking on challenging projects, and hire people who are motivated to solve and support complex feats of engineering. When you work at American Bridge, you’re treated as a member of the team. We foster growth through continued training and education, and encourage a little fun with frequent events, team-building initiatives, and the much-loved Annual Retreat.

Being an American Bridge employee will give you a sense of pride that you won’t find anywhere else. The history the company holds, the safety records the company keeps, the monumental projects we build, and the unmatched culture all amount to what makes American Bridge truly unique.