CEO of American Bridge Company Announces Retirement, Successor Named

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Today, the Board of Directors for American Bridge Holding Company announced that President and CEO Michael D. Flowers, PE, has decided to retire when his current term of office expires at the end of the year. During his time as the head of American Bridge, Mike led the company through a period…

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AB Connections Spring 2016

In this edition of Connections:

  • FEATURE - The Big Picture: Making History Overseas
  • FEATURED EMPLOYEE - Lanny Miller
  • RETIREES - Dan Radu and Lanny Frisco
  • PROJECT WINS - Atchafalaya Pipeline Bridge, Friendship Trail, and more
  • EXTENDED FLASHBACK - Century Old AB Bridge Still Stands in Iceland
  • FLASHBACKS - Antler Creek Bridge, Seaway International Bridge, and more
  • BRIDGE TO SAFETY - See Something, Say Something
The Queensferry Crossing North Approach Viaduct Launch

The North Approach Viaduct on the Queensferry Crossing in Edinburgh, Scotland was recently launched, and was one of the most challenging engineering feats of the entire project. Watch the launch take place:

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Las Vegas High Roller wins Arts/Entertainment Structures award

At the Structural Awards Ceremony this past Friday, the Las Vegas High Roller took home the award for the Arts/Entertainment Structures category for “excellence in the structural design of buildings and structures ranging from theatres, cinemas and music venues to art galleries, museums and exhibition centres, and even large structural sculptures.” As the tallest observation wheel in the world, the LVHR stood out to the judges because of the single, tubular rim, the first one of its kind, as well as the impressive engineering feat. For more information visit:
American Bridge International (ABI) Awarded Severn Bridge Contract

American Bridge Company (AB) is pleased to announce that Severn River Crossings PLC has awarded American Bridge International (ABI) the M48 Severn Bridge Main Cable Internal Inspection CI-3 contract, the third cable inspection contract on the bridge, which is a major crossing between England and Wales. The ABI team will facilitate the inspection of eight…

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AB Connections Spring 2015

In this edition of Connections:

  • FEATURE - The Margaret McDermott Bridge Takes Shape in Dallas
  • FEATURE - Docking in Paradise: Christophe Harbour Marina, Phase 1
  • RETIREES - Ugo Del Costello, Jon Young, Joe Grygiel, and Dave Kosar
  • FEATURED EMPLOYEE - Carson Carney
  • PROJECT WIN - Freeport Harbour Berths 3, 8, and 9 Refurbishment, Bahamas
  • FLASHBACKS - Piscataqua River Bridge, Cuscatlan Bridge, and more
  • EXTENDED FLASHBACK - Verrazano-Narrows Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
  • BRIDGE TO SAFETY - Safety Efforts on the Walt Whitman Bridge
American Bridge Hires Director of IT

On Monday, American Bridge Company (AB) announced that Jay Copenhaver has been hired to lead the company’s information technology efforts as the Corporate Director of IT. The hiring of Jay follows directives to expand and strengthen company-wide resources, part of a strategy implemented this year by American Bridge Holding Company, parent company of AB. Jay…

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American Bridge Named to Fastest Growing Companies List

American Bridge is proud to announce their spot on the Pittsburgh Business Time’s 2014 list of Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in the Region, which was published in August. The list ranks companies by revenue growth from 2011-2013, with AB placed at number 61 overall. The list was also broken up into categories by industry, and…

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