Las Vegas High Roller wins Arts/Entertainment Structures award

At the Structural Awards Ceremony this past Friday, the Las Vegas High Roller took home the award for the Arts/Entertainment Structures category for “excellence in the structural design of buildings and structures ranging from theatres, cinemas and music venues to art galleries, museums and exhibition centres, and even large structural sculptures.” As the tallest observation wheel in the world, the LVHR stood out to the judges because of the single, tubular rim, the first one of its kind, as well as the impressive engineering feat. For more information visit:

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FCBC Donates £2,000 for Bluebell Preservation

“Bluebells on the Move” A Fife-based environmental and conservation charity is helping to preserve 70,000 bluebell bulbs during preparatory works on Scotland’s largest infrastructure project. Fife Coast & Countryside Trust…

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