American Bridge Company follows a central strategy delivered through a regional operating structure, designed to effectively pursue, staff, and manage projects in proximity to the work. Each region is led by a team including a regional manager, a regional estimating manager, and a regional director of business development. This allows each region to focus on American Bridge’s core work types: new bridges, bridge rehabilitation and maintenance, complex structures, and marine construction. However, each region also has latitude to develop the business within their geographical area that best responds to the needs and opportunities of that area. American Bridge has extensive history and current projects in each of these regions.

American Bridge regions include:

  • Northeast: Northeastern United States plus the Canadian Maritime Provinces, Quebec, and the crossings of the St. Lawrence River
  • Southeast: Southeastern United States plus the Caribbean Basin
  • Midwest: Midwestern United States plus the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan
  • West: Western United States plus Alberta, British Columbia, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories
  • Europe: The British Isles and Continental Europe