Co-op Program

American Bridge’s Co-op program is the best way to discover your passion for engineering and gain invaluable, real-world experience.

College juniors and seniors majoring in Civil Engineering or Construction Management are encouraged to apply for American Bridge’s Co-op program. This program gives participants hands-on experience while shadowing and learning from some of the industry’s most talented professionals and working on some of the world’s most challenging projects.

When you take part in American Bridge’s Co-op program, you will spend three semesters (12-16 weeks each) immersing yourself in the industry. Students participating in the program will spend one semester in our engineering department, one semester in our estimating department, and one semester in field operations to get a comprehensive overview of the entire civil engineering and construction management work practices. By the end of the program, many students have a clear view on which direction they would like to take their future.

A co-op at American Bridge gives you the opportunity to apply your academic training, test your skills in the workplace, and can open the door to a full-time opportunity after graduation. Once you’ve been through the co-op program at American Bridge, you’ll be more than prepared to begin your future career.