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Ghotour Valley Bridge
Completion Date:

July 01, 1970

American Bridge fabricated and erected this double chord deck arch railroad bridge in a remote location in northwestern Iran. The bridge has an overall length of 443m (1,453'), with a pin-to-pin dimension of 223m (732'). The deck is 119m (390') above river elevation. The 3,315t (3,655 tons) of structural steel were fabricated at American Bridge's Ambridge shops, and shipped to the site via sea and rail. American Bridge also performed all temporary works engineering, which included a specially designed cableway system. The cableway was directly anchored in the hill above the bridge on one side, and by a fixed tower with a transverse traveler at the other end. Tieback of the uncompleted arch was via 57mm (2") cables anchored directly to rock, and traveling across the bridge deck.

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